Management Consultancy Services:

Technical Support Services:

There are always times when there are specific issues and problems within business that cannot be resolved by the existing management team. This may be due to time constraints or specific skill bases being required.

In these instances, we are able to support existing management in the following areas:

Process Improvements:

  • Line efficiencies
  • Line balancing and optimisation
  • Factory layouts

Efficiency Improvements:

  • Line optimisation
  • Waste Reduction

Re-structuring / Change Management:

  • New systems of work
  • Management techniques and improvements (5S, Poka Yoke, FMEA etc.)

Project Management:

  • Internal improvements
  • Factory design and layout
  • Engineering suitability
  • Full project management
  • Commissioning periods
  • Site-to-site transfers
  • Product commissioning
  • Product verification
  • Hygienic design of equipment and processes